Yonder Alonso Takes Blame For Decisive Play Against Tampa
Photo: Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Not many players are this willing to accept responsibility when they are wrong or part to blame, but Oakland A’s player Yonder Alonso is a standout player.

Read on and see why Yonder Alonso is taking the blame of the A’s loss against Tamap…

Yonder Alonso, the Cuban first baseman is accepting the blame when it comes to Tampa beating the Athletics on Sunday.

LatinoAthlete.com has learned via a Mercury News that Yonder Alonso won’t let anyone else take the fall. Yonder maned up by stating that he was at fault for error that produces Tampa’s winning run.

Yonder Alonso is one of the A’s best players on the field. Especially, since her has the power, average, and even on-base percentage that the team needs. Except on Sunday, Alonso was off, and he knew it.

According to Yonder, he owned up to his part in the decisive play of the game, absolving reliever Daniel Coulombe. The A’s lost that game for a series-ending 5-4 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Here is what happened to Yonder Alonso:

Coulombe fielded the ball cleanly and threw a strike to first base. The only problem is that neither Alonso or second baseman Jed Lowrie were there to receive the throw. The ball ended up just rolling into the nether regions of Tropicana and Smith wound up on third base. It was at that point when Tampa took the game. One simple mistake cost the Athletics the game and now Yonder Alonso is accepting being the fall guy.

Alonso said that he charged the bunt, then, he said, he didn’t react quickly enough to get back to first base. He also makes it a point to say “It had nothing to do with Coulombe.”

Yonder states:

“I take full blame for it. There should have been better communication by myself. I kind of put everybody in no-man’s land there because I was in the middle of everything and I didn’t make a decision as to attacking the baseball or covering the bag.”

He adds:

“I think that’s definitely all on me.”

Though, Coulombe saw it differently, stating:

“It’s a play we practice a lot, pick the ball up and throw it. I thought there would have been somebody there. But I should have just held it.”

Bottom line, both men are team players and the fact that they can take responsibility is commendable.