Yasiel Puig Suspended Over Double Middle-finger Salute

Los Angeles Dodgers Yasiel Puig made an impressive home run against the Indians in Cleveland this past week. Unfortunately, the homer didn’t come without controversy. See, the 26-year-old Cuban-born right fielder flipped the bird to hecklers in the stadium.

Read on and see why Yasiel Puig gave hecklers a double middle-finger salute after his impressive homer…

LatinoAthlete.com is not shocked by Yasiel Puig flipping off hecklers, but his clap back is costing him.

The Dodgers slapped Yasiel Puig with a fine and a one-game suspension from MLB. You might say that the MLB’s penalty is an overreaction, but the incident only further underscores how long it’s been since Puig thrilled crowds.

Apparently, the Dodgers want him to act like a circus animal in a cage, do what he’s told and wow the fans. That is great and all, but the MLB needs to remember that players are human. Plus, lets see one of these owners go on the field and play a whole game while fans shout obsenities while you are making points for your team.

Where is the fans support? In our book the hecklers deserved to be given the bird. It’s sports, players need to vent too.

Here is what happened.

After Puig hit his 10th home run of the year in what became a 7-5 Los Angeles victory “about four” fans heckled. They yelled obscenities at the 6’2″ 240 lbs MLB player while he was on deck and after he circled the bases.

We feel that was completely rude, and so did Puig, so while he was trotting back to the dugout, he gave those fans the finger.

Check it:

Like us, Puig’s teammates “found this whole thing hilarious.”

Unfortunately, manager Dave Roberts did not. After a one on one with Roberts, a contrite Puig released this statement:

“It was just something that he wishes didn’t happen. It was a reaction of emotion on his part and bad judgment. I stooped to their level.”

Did Puig deserve to be suspended?