Despite last month’s rumors that the Los Angeles Dodgers may trade Yasiel Puig, he proves the turn up NEVER expires.

Find out what Yasiel Puig did over the holiday weekend…

Yasiel Puig Deads Rumors; He NEVER Expires

The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder has been the center of trade rumors since November. He got a dose of humble pie when he was sent down to the minor leagues for three weeks back in August.

Yasiel Puig reflects:

“Seeing the Dodgers in first place is very difficult. From the moment, I arrived in Los Angeles, people were crazy about me, with 50,000, 60,000 people cheering at the stadium, I got used to that number of fans, and getting to Triple-A and not seeing so many fans is not So attractive or fun to play baseball, but it’s what I should do for my future. “

Now Yasiel turns things up for the holiday at the Clinica Las Mercedes in Miami. Puig arrived on “Move Your Body Day,” jumping into action with pretty mean conga line.

Puig was a fan favorite with the ladies. The Cubano hunk was putting down with the ladies. The responded doing some serious shimmy on the slugger.

Puig writes:

“Aquí hay más alegría que en ninguna otra parte en el mundo 🌎 clínica las mercedes”

It appears age ain’t nothing but a number.

Watch this fun-loving video of Yasiel Puig below:

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Clínica las América demasiada alegría gracias Dios por esta oportunidad

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Aquí hay más alegría que en ninguna otra parte en el mundo 🌎 clínica las mercedes

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