Remember when we told you that Yadier Molina was stuck to baseball? Well it appears that the St. Louis Cardinals know how to make a buck off of a crazy incident.

The ball became a famous part of MLB history and fans wanted their hands on it, because they’re stuck on Yadier Molina‘s balls too, no pun intended. Read on…

It appears, the MLB can be sticky business that pays off! first reported the crazy incident went down at the beginning of the month and many MLB fans realized that this is something that has never happened in baseball history.

After Major League Baseball looked into the play and determined there was no rules violation. Molina’s ball was up for grabs, so the MLB had plans for the history making fluke.

If you recall, following the play Molina said he had no idea how Cecil’s pitch clung to his equipment. Later he was asked if he put something sticky there. Molina quickly dismissed it as a “dumb question.”

The St. Louis Cardinals realized that the ball had value, so it went up for auction as a collectors item.

Congrats to the person who got Yadier Molina’s ball in the end.

Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson