Victor Cruz: Sunday’s Game One More Milestone

Maybe Victor Cruz needs a reminder that five years has flown by and yesterday’s bright star becomes tomorrow’s fading beam of light?

The last time the Giants bright star was in the playoffs he caught two passes for 28 yards in a 28-2 victory over the Falcons on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2012. That isn’t stopping Victor Cruz from speaking his mind. Find out what the New York Giants wide receiver is saying…

The Giant WR Victor Cruz weighed in on his time with the NFL team and how time flies. These days he looks back with a smile and a tear.

Victor Cruz recalled on Wednesday afternoon talking about his 5-year-old daughter:

“That in itself shows how much time flies. And how much things change over a period of time.”

Victor Cruz Talks about The Giants vs Packers Game:

However, Cruz goes on to talk about his first time back to the end zone at Green Bay Packers game on Sunday:

“It’s going to be a moment for me that I’ll cherish forever. This entire year and entire season was trying to do the impossible, do all the things that all the people that have microphones and have these newspapers and things like that, write about how hard it was going to be for me to come back or potentially how hard it was going to be for me to come back.”

He added:

“To play 15 games this year, and now into the postseason, and continue to play at a high level and still be healthy and ready to go, I think it says a lot about not only my teammates, myself and my coaching staff that have the belief in me, but my work ethic and all the hard work that I put in this game. Now, I just want to continue to do what I’m supposed to do and win another Super Bowl.”

Though, Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. will be commanding fan attention, best believe, Victor Cruz will still be hold the heartstrings of diehard fans.

Here is what his teammate Beckham said about Cruz:

“He’s genuinely a big brother to me.”

Sunday’s game will be a must-see event you don’t want to miss.

In other news Odell Beckham Jr. Goes Undercover as a Lyft driver.

Victor Cruz: Sunday’s Game One More Milestone

What was so awesome about this is that passengers had no idea OBJ was transporting them.

Watch one of the most electric playmaker in professional football as a Lyft driver:

Photo: Alex Trautwig/Getty Images: Lyft