John Daly is simply the best. One of the most entertaining and unique golfers ever, inhibition has never been part of his personality. He’s just true to himself and puts it all out there.

In the world of professional golf, Daly stuck out like a sore thumb. A glorious sore thumb, but it was never hard to spot him on the course. That remains the case even today and we were nearly treated to PEAK JOHN DALY on Thursday at the Barracuda Championship.

A video posted by PGA TOUR (@pgatour) on Aug 6, 2015 at 5:31pm PDT

There is a whole lot going on here, even for Daly. Let’s break it down.

  • Colorful pants? Check. That’s a Daly staple with his endorsement with Loudmouth Golf.
  • Cigarette? Check. Another Daly staple.
  • Good shot? Check. While he gains a lot of attention for everything else, he still has moments on the course.
  • Tumbler full of something? Check.

If that wasn’t John Daly enough for you, it gets better. That tumbler appears to be full of an iced tea type liquid. You know who has his own drink that is like an iced tea type liquid? John Daly. The John Daly Cocktail line includes several drinks that involve a combination of tea, lemonade and vodka. John Daly surely wouldn’t enjoy a John Daly Cocktail during his round, would he?


Daly FB

The John Daly Cocktail Facebook page isn’t saying Daly was enjoying an adult beverage during the round, but they aren’t saying he isn’t, either. For the sake of reaching PEAK JOHN DALY let’s just pretend he was. It’s more fun that way.

Wearing colorful pants while smoking and (possibly) drinking a John Daly Cocktail during a golf round is damn near as John Daly as it gets. The only thing that is missing is Daly being shirtless, while using a beer can as a tee with Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the background. Nothing we can do about the first two things, but we made this to move one step closer to PEAK JOHN DALY.