Serge Ibaka Violently Yanks LeBron James Down

Serge Ibaka Physically Yanks LeBron James Down

Who knew basketball get just as physical as hockey or the NFL? Apparently, when push comes to shove Congolese-Spanish NBA player Serge Ibaka gets physical!

Serge Ibaka literally throws LeBron James down during the Cavaliers vs Raptors game… as caught the action on video for you, so you can see the moment when Serge Ibaka yanks Lebron James jersey into a shoulder tackle.

Since game 1, the Cavaliers are taking the Raptors to pound town and it hasn’t let up yet, so Serge Ibaka gave LeBron a taste of the court.

The thirst to beat the Cavaliers is real, but the Raptors and basically stuck on suck mode. Plus the tension between the Cleveland Cavs and the Toronto Raptors has been thick.

LeBron was caught straight up disrespecting people from the north, and then he clowned Ibaka before hitting this three pointer with a spin.

Bron Bron pulled a casual spinning the ball in a damn playoff game:

It didn’t take Serge to rebuddle to the disrespect. Serge decided to bring out his inner Z-Bo with a shoulder tackle and a dose of humble court!

Watch as Ibaka yanks LeBrons jersey and pulls him down on the floor:



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