Adiós Rubens Sambueza; He's Moving to Toluca

Argentine playmaker Rubens Sambueza has been moved from Club America to Toluca, the team announced Thursday.

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The reason behind moving Rubens Sambueza, is to help Toluca bounce back from a rough season. Sambueza deal will keep him in Toluca for three years, which may work for everyone involved.

The Club America captain was the heart and soul of the team but Americanistas are ready to move on from him. It appears that his left thigh injury, which kept him out of the second leg of the quarterfinal against Chivas and the first match of the Club World Cup could be a factor. He was disappointed in own performance. Plus, fans are fickle with players once they’re injured. You might ask where is the loyalty from the fans?

Adiós Rubens Sambueza; He's Moving to Toluca

Although, America fans are ready to see the 32-year-old go. However, Rubens Sambueza wrote in a letter to America fans:

“They were years of a lot of love from the fans, years in which, along with my teammates, I obtained important things and during the entire journey you all were the ones who never abandoned us.”

Meanwhile, Toluca vice president Francisco Suinaga told Record:

Sambueza “was the player that we needed. We talked among ourselves and we all arrived at the conclusions that he was the player we needed. It was a big effort to sign him. It’s a quality move because the support he can provide the team is undeniable.”

Each party can move on now. America can look to their future with a fresh team. While Toluca have hope that Sambueza will spur back relevance as the centerpieces of a team.

On January 15th, Toluca hosts America and unveils the newly renovated Estadio Nemesio Diez.