Where have you gone, Tiger Woods?

Just like the Masters, the PGA Championship grants a lifetime exemption to its winners. And just like the Masters, and British Open, the season’s final major also hosts a Champions Dinner on the Tuesday night of tournament week.

And thanks to that lifetime exemption rule, we’ll keep getting John Daly on one of the bigger and most competitive stages in golf. Daly always goes out of his way to stand out in these Champions photos — last month he wore some outrageous St. Louis Cardinals blazer at the British Open dinner and now he’s in some hypnotic multicolored design.

More notable than Daly’s coat, however, is the the conspicuous absence of Tiger Woods. The four-time PGA winner was on the grounds all day practicing and holding his regular Tuesday press conference. He’s at Whistling Straits. He likes to attend this dinner. So, uh, where is he? Everything ok, Mr. Tiger?