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Victor Cruz and his New York Giants teammates Odell Beckham, Sterling Shepard and Roger Lewis partying in Miami goes viral!

Victor Cruz and his crew flew down to Miami following their game against the Washington Redskins. Flip and check out their social media chronicle…

Victor Cruz, the Giants wide receiver is will become a free agent now that it’s 2017, which asks, “could this be his last hurrah with his teammates?”

A photo of Cruz with Sterling Shepard, Roger Lewis, and Odell Beckham (all shirtless) surfaced on the internet and it went viral.

The ladies are swarming on this photo of all the beef cake on the boat. The photo first surfaced on one of the players Instagram accounts but quickly became a post/delete. Since then it has resurfaced on twitter feeds (as seen above).

The Chronicle of Victor and his New York Giants didn’t stop there. Cruz, Beckham, Shepard, and Lewis were also spotted partying with Justin Bieber.

Take a look at the New York Giants getting down for New Years:

Checkout Bieber hanging with Odell Beckham Jr. below. It sounds like they were chilling to a Drake song in the club.