Miguel Cabrera Shows Mariners Fan Some Glove Love
AP Photo: Ted S. Warren

During the Mariners’ 7-5 win over the Tigers at Safeco Field on Wednesday night, Miguel Carera showed one bearded fan some glove love.

Watch Miguel Cabrera walk up to a bearded fan after a foul ball was lofted toward the seats down the first-base line. It’s what happened next that is classic. Read on…

The future hall of famer who sent over two bats to the Kansas City Royal after Drew Butera fell in love with Miggy #PapaSlam.

Miguel Cabrera Glove Love Details:

Detroit first baseman and serial fun-haver, Miguel Cabrera eye caught a particularly formidable beard sported by a Mariners fan, so he decided to pay the man some glove love. Meanwhile the other Mariners fans were scurrying around trying to find the foul ball in the seats.

Take a look at the 6′ 4″ Venezuelan MLB star going in for a close-up with his glove:

Miguel Cabrera Shows Mariners Fan Some Glove Love

Just another classic and memorable moment in MLB history for 2017.

Cabrera made two headlines today, one for the bat he sent over to the KC Royals. Then, this news of him walking up to a Mariners fan, showing him some glove love.

This is why they pay Miguel 28 million a year. His contract with the Detroit Tigers is the world’s fourth-largest sports contract coming in at $248,000,000. Not bad huh?