Michael Bisping Weighs In on Anderson Silva “Tarnishing his Legacy”
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UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping may be a fan of Anderson Silva, but he holds nothing back criticizing him about “Tarnishing his Legacy.”

Following Silva’s UFC 208 win over Derek Brunson, Michael Bisping has opinion on the Anderson Silva. Read more…

The veteran British middleweight may have a ton of respect for Silva but he’s making sure fans know his position. He argues the greatest UFC champion in history.

Michael Bisping weighed in on Silva during the Sirius XM show The Countdown this week.

Michael Bisping criticizes Anderson Silva fighting techniques against Brunson:

“Anderson Silva versus Derek Brunson, I’m saying wow this could be a dangerous fight for Anderson Silva simply because of the wrestling capabilities of Derek Brunson.”

He added:

“That wasn’t a factor. Yes, Brunson got him down a couple of times but generally, Anderson stopped all his takedowns. In fact, Anderson’s takedown defense looked stellar, it looked very, very good. Technically, he was doing everything perfect. As I say, Brunson did get him down a couple of times towards the end but all in all, he showed very good takedown defense.”

Here is where Bisping criticizes Silva’s MMA fight technique. He felt Silva was doing a lot of posturing, and failed to mount much offense during the bout with Brunson.

“But what Anderson was doing was just kind of stalking him down and not doing anything. He was kind of disrespecting everybody there, disrespecting his opponent.”

He continued to weigh in saying:

“I’m watching this thing thinking Anderson’s going to get knocked out because he’s holding on to this stupid, dumb Thai clinch.”

Then he said he was disappointed feeling almost disrespected since:

“Anderson was the better fighter but he just didn’t pull the trigger. He didn’t pull the trigger at all. People were booing in the audience, people were annoyed, people were pissed off. They paid to watch the fantastic Anderson Silva and he just wasn’t delivering.”

Wow, we are speechless.

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