Max Holloway States Jose Aldo was One of the Greats
Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

When it comes to fighting Jose Aldo, Max Holloway weighs in saying that he noticed that Aldo was a reactionary type of fighter during their fight at UFC 212. He also noticed that it was time Aldo hangs his UFC gloves because a new era is here.

Read on to get more on why Max Holloway is talking about Jose Aldo has learned first hand by MMA fighter Max Holloway that Brazilian MMA fighter Jose Aldo “would do something reactive. Every time in the beginning rounds.”

Max Holloway told Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour:

“When I was putting my hand out and stuff, every time I’d put it, he would shut it down. I [saw these] big motions from him and he was countering super fast at certain things I was doing.”

But, one thing Halloway did start to notice is that Aldo wasn’t doing too much after all. He decided to taunt dare and waive to Aldo. He did nothing, and that is when Holloway knew the fight was about to turn in his favor.

Holloway said:

“I told myself, he’s not firing. It’s time to taunt. Let’s taunt. Let’s see if he cracks me. I taunted him — I put my hands up for a couple of seconds. And he didn’t do nothing. I was like OK, I’m gonna do it again. And he did nothing. I was like man, this guy don’t want to fight.”

Holloway ended up winning by TKO in the very next round to win the UFC 145-pound title in Rio de Janeiro.

Holloway (18-3) realized:

“These guys are playing checkers. I’m out here playing chess. When they figure it out, it’s too late.”

It was at that moment when Holloway, 25, realized that there was enough footage on Aldo.

Here is how he put it:

“There’s enough tape. Aldo, he’s one of the greatest ever, but it’s just time for a new era. It’s time for the new wave of guys, us young guys are coming up and we’re proving it. MMA is forever evolving. You either evolve with the sport or you get left behind. I’m trying to lead the back. I’m trying to sprint.”