Daniel Boria had a simple dream. He just wanted to promote his line of cleaning products. Sure, he COULD have taken his product to trade shows and state fairs, perhaps he could have pitched it to QVC — but no. He was thinking bigger, and higher. Boria strapped himself to a lawn chair full of balloons and voyaged across the Calgary skyline. Now he’s in trouble, according to CBC News.

Calgary Police have charged him with one count for mischief causing danger to life and one count for mischief to property under $5000.

The lawn chair pilot, who says he’s a skydiver, intended to parachute himself into the Calgary Stampede.

There might be more than one Daniel Boria online trying to sell his own cleaning products, but this video from May could be the man himself.

Sorry Daniel, but Larry Walters’ chair balloon adventure was way better.

Pretty Good video: Larry Walters, his flying lawn chair and a BB gun