Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs

During the NBA playoffs there are 5 Latino players to watch during that are some of the best stars on the court!

Flip and see who are the Latinos players to watch that is talking about…

When is comes to the NBA there are some great Latino players to watch but not always talked about.

Here are’s top 5 Latino players to watch during NBA playoffs:

Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs

Robin Lopez of the Chicago Bulls.

Lopez has been making some impressive moves on the court and causing grief for the Boston Celtics. The Cuban NBA star recently weighed in on game two. The 29-year-old will make $41,365,500 over the next 3 years. He is currently being paid $13,219,250 for 2016/17. In 2017/18 he’ll take home $13,788,500 and in 2018/19 season he’ll get a bulk payment of $14,357,750.

Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs

Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs:

The Argentine NBA player has made a name for himself in Texas. In March Manu Ginobili made the most impressive free throw … that he actually meant to miss.

Take a look Ginobili making the his most impressive free throw:

Trevor Ariza Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs

Trevor Ariza of the Houston Rockets:

The Venezuelian NBA player recently has a column posted on the Players Tribune where he said he was “here to try to convince the entire basketball world that James Harden is this year’s MVP.”

Ariza wrote:

“To me, James Harden is like basketball’s Picasso — he’s an artist whose work you respect, even if you don’t always understand its significance until later.”

A Couple days after Trevor’s praise, Harden said:

“Man, there’s just certain people in life you’ll always remember, whether they do something for you, whether there is certain instincts for anything that happens. He’s one of those people. I’m happy to have him as a teammate, as a friend.

al horford-Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs
Photo: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Al Horford of the Boston Celtics:

During Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bulls the Dominican NBA player, Al Horford shook up Nikola Mirotic with a dirty crossover, step-back sequence that left the Spanish shooter changing directions more often than he was accustomed to.

Watch Al Horford’s crossover, step-back that had Mirotic’s ankles wobbly:

Nikola Mirotic Latinos Players To Watch During NBA Playoffs

Nikola Mirotic of the Chicago Bulls:

So far, Nikola Mirotic hasn’t been doing too great during the play-offs against the Celtics. However, the Montenegrin–Spanish NBA player has vowed to deliver a bounce-back game.

Mirotic, who made 4-of-6 shots, including 2-of-4 3s, in the first quarter, told the Chicago Tribune:

“I’ve learned how to do that, and I’m sure I will show that.”

Luckily, Nikola Mirotic has improved his mental fortitude after failure, finished with 13 points on 5-for-13 shooting in Tuesday’s Game 2.

“I just want to win and I already put (Game 1) behind me. I just have to adjust, shoot a little faster, try to set my feet quicker.”