Jose Bautista Staying with the Toronto Blue Jays
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Jose Bautista is NOT going anywhere, he is coming back to the Toronto Blue Jays for at least one season.

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On Wednesday, Toronto officially signed Bautista to a one-year deal worth $18 million. Jose’s

Jose Bautista is coming back to the Blue Jays for at least one more year. contract includes a $17 million option for 2018 and a $20 million vesting option for ’19. And get this, Bautista will receive a $500,000 buyout if he declines to exercise the option for 2018.

Over the past couple of weeks Bautista has been one of the most talked about MLB players. First it was said that he was heading to the Minnesota Twins. While another report said he was a perfect fit for the Phillies. None of that mattered because Bautista signed a one-year deal worth $18 million to stay with the Blue Jays.

Bautista can earn more each year with incentives tied to attendance at Rogers Centre, but he declined. Did you know incentives are worth upwards of $900,000 per season? Bautista should be happy since mutual options rarely get picked up. This is a great deal because this type of structure give the player and the club more options by 2017 end.

Enhorabuena Jose Bautista!