(Warning: NSFW Language)

Anyone nervous that the Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor rivalry may have died down after their scrapped fight at UFC 189 is sleeping easier tonight. That’s because the featherweight champ and his interim champ opponent had a contentious moment at the UFC’s “Go Big” press event Friday, where they were pulled apart following a brief staredown.

Aldo took an extra inch towards McGregor, and leaned his head into McGregor’s face. McGregor did not take kindly to this, and motioned to retaliate, with UFC President Dana White immediately separating the two before another security guard arrived to keep them apart. Aldo would close the exchange—not kidding—with a raspberry. You can check it out in the tweet below (NSFW Language).

It’s a welcome return to form. Aldo and McGregor have long had a bitter rivalry, which was made only worse with a global media tour that generated headlines and culminated with the iconic McGregor belt swipe (NSFW Language).

While their fight at UFC 189 fell through, they are currently set to headline the blockbuster UFC 194 card, which is scheduled to go down December 12.

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