Jack Culcay vs Demetius Andrade Weigh In and Prediction

On Friday, Unbeaten Demetius Andrade (23-0,16 KO) is ready to fight on Saturday weighing in at 153.4 pounds against his opponent Ecuadorian-German professional boxer, Jack Culcay. Culcay (22-1, 11 KOs) weighed in at 153.2 lbs. for the WBA World junior middleweight champion.

The Jack Culcay vs Demetius Andrade fight is going down on March 11 at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Ludwigshafen, Germany. Read more on the two fighters…

LatinoAthlete.com got word that Demetius Andrade and Jack Culcay looked great at the weigh-in. It was noticed that Andrade towered over the 5’7” Culcay at 6’1”. But don’t count out Jack Culcay, height means nothing in the ring.

Jack Culcay comes from an extensive amateur background, he has a strong chin and packs some hard hitting muscle behind his punches. One thing Andrade needs to make sure of, is that he doesn’t end up eating the mat in the fight. For Andrade to stay on top it would be best for him to knockout the Ecuadorian-German boxer.

The two boxer fought back in the amatuers and now they are facing off in the pros, so this fight has some roots to it. There are real emotional ties to the past.

Jack Culcay vs Demetius Andrade Weigh In and Prediction

Andrade believes that he will beat Culcay a second time in the pros.

He states:

“I beat him as an amateur, and now, I’m going to beat him as a pro. This ain’t going to be a three-rounder with training gloves on. I’m going to give Jack a reality check right on his chin.”

This will be interesting since Demetius Andrade will be fighting in Culcay territory. He He may be from Ecuador, though he lives in Germany. He is at home for this fight.  This fight is very important for the 29-year-old boxer, because he is looking to become a 2-time world champion.

The only problem is that he believes that the WBA World junior middleweight champion Jack Culcay is an easy target. Just because they boxed before doesn’t mean he can take him. Andrade is trying to get a come up, since he lost his WBO title after he failed to defend it for a one-year period. he only defended the title once in beating Brian Rose in 2014. It goes back to the saying “use it or loose it.”

Demetius Andrade said he’s willing to pay the cost to be the boss. like BB King once sang:

“Boxing’s not safe. You have to take challenges. And there’s a lot of people who wanna be like, ‘You can throw me in the jungle or anywhere and I’ll be the Lion King,’ or whatever. (Laughs) But are they actually doing that? So I’m showing proof that I’m going all the way overseas to fight a guy in his backyard. Yes, he’s the titleholder, but I’m a guy who believes in my technique, skills, ability and God, and my left hand and right hand are gonna do all the damage and the talking for me. So I have full confidence in what I have and I believe I’m the best at 154 pounds and I’m willing to get in the ring with anybody.”

Meanwhile, Jack Culcay says:

“I am ready for any kind of check Demetrius is going to give me. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for almost 10 years now. After I beat Andrade, the doors are open for me to make a big splash in the U.S.”

He gets cocky saying:

“The odds for this fight just motivate me even more. Maybe I’ll go to the bookies and place a bet. That way I won’t only derail the ‘Andrade Express’ but also make some money.”

Our Prediction:

We have to say this fight will probably go to Jack Culcay. We feel the fight will be entertaining especially since Demetius Andrade is sure he will win. This is reminding us of Demetius Andrade. There is something about Culcay that has us believing he is going to KO Andrade. If not, this will go a full 12 round decision like last weeks Danny Garcia vs. Keith Thurman. Culcay is a stronger boxer like Thurman. Demetius Andrade might not like the outcome of this fight, but we will see.

Culcay said this in German about the weigh-in:

“Heute fand das offizielle Wiegen statt. Ich hatte ein Gewicht von 69,5 kg und bin bereit für morgen 💪🏽👊🏽”



The promoter for this boxing event are Sauerland Events