That and more in Saturday’s NBA newsletter.

Good morning. Let’s basketball.

SOME DRAFT STUFF: We didn’t squeeze many NBA Draft analysis links in Friday’s newsletter, so let’s hit that now.

Seth Rosenthal writes that Phil Jackson surprised everyone by acting like normal GM.

Ricky O’Donnell writes that by picking D’Angelo Russell over Jahlil Okafor the Lakers have joined the revolution.

I wrote a critique of the Hinkie plan in Philadelphia. Then Mike Prada and Bill Connelly debated the finer points of the Sixers’ strategy.

Danny Chau wonders if the league has caught up to Hinkie.

Rodger Sherman thinks we should stop analyzing NBA draft picks’ teenage tweets. I agree!

Watch real fashion experts get horrified by classic draft suits.

THE UNDRAFTED MASES: We’re collating a list of where all of the undrafted free agents will play in Summer League.

ON HIBBERT AND THE BLAZERS: Super good stuff from Zach Lowe on the future of the Pacers and Blazers.

NO NO FRANK NOOOOOO: Frank Kaminsky made a grave mistake when asked by a Charlotte radio station whether barbecue is a food or a cooking style.

SPEAKING OF WHICH … It’s kind of crazy how badly the Hornets wanted Frank Kaminsky. The Celtics offered six picks to move up so they could grab Justise Winslow. Charlotte said no.

DAJ STATUS: Four teams are making the press for DeAndre Jordan, and one of them is the Milwaukee Bucks! Man, I hope they add a major piece this summer.

EUROPE HAS SNEAKER DRAMA TOO: Dragan Bender, who is a potential top five pick next year, won’t play for Croatia’s U19 team because of a shoe dispute.

CONTEXT ON VLADE: Sam Amick with a really interesting piece on what’s been happening in Sacramento.

That’s it for me. Happy Saturday and see you on Monday.


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