Soccer Players Panic After Fernando Torres Head Injury

Soccer players are in a panic after Fernando Torres had a severe head injury following reports that Futbol players have the same problems as the NFL. Meanwhile Juanfran Torres gets medical discharge!!!

Read more on Fernando Torres head injury from heading the ball, and Juanfran Torres ready to get back on the field… previously reported that soccer players are susceptible to CTE, dementia and Alzheimer due to excessive head trauma caused by repeated heading of the soccer ball. Then, this happens, Fernando Torres Head Injury!

Soccer players flipped into panic after Fernando Torres Head Injury happened. The clash happened with a Deportivo player while Fernando went up for a header. Torres fell hard landing face first onto the ground, apparently unconscious. The incident looked worse close, per players on the field.

Watch Fernando Torres Head Injury below:

Soccer Players Panic After Fernando Torres Head Injury

Immediately after seeing Torres slam to the ground, fellow teammates rushed to his aid, trying to pry his mouth open. Players started waving wildly for the medics to come onto the field. Torres was taken off the field by stretcher and rushed to the hospital.

After Fernando Torres doctors diagnosed him Atlético Madrid tweeted a statement:

“sufre un traumatismo craneoencefálico. Fue trasladado al hospital para hacerle pruebas. Pasará la noche en observación.”

Soccer Players Panic After Fernando Torres Head Injury

Following Torres severe heading injury, the BBC reports:

“After Fernando Torres near fatal fall, Britain’s four major soccer associations have agreed that they will fund a study to determine if soccer players are at a higher risk of developing dementia.”

The accident has put the CTE, dementia and Alzheimer research to the forefront forcing the four  Futbol associations to take percausions and start doing studies to protect players. The associations incudes; England’s Football Association, Scottish Football Association, the Football Association of Wales, and Northern Ireland’s Irish Football Association, per Associated Press.

“The studies are a result of a recent discovery by the University College London and Britain’s National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. The associations initiative comes after the announced mounting concern regarding potential soccer-related brain injury.”

While the Guardian reports that potential brain damage caused by sustaining blows to the head in soccer. That study had some bleak findings.

In other news, Atletico Madrid announced that Juanfran Torres is able to return after hamstring injury!

Soccer Players Panic After Fernando Torres Head Injury

In February, Atletico Madrid right-back Juanfran Torres ended up in the injury list after suffering a hamstring injury. The injury forced Jaunfran to miss his team’s key games against Bayer Leverkusen and Barcelona with a hamstring injury.

Now, we just got word per Atletico Madrid who took to Twitter to announce some good news:

Fellow teammate to Fernando Torres, Juanfran Torres has recovered:

“Good news after training; @ Juanfrantorres has received medical discharge and is available for @ Simeone”