Fernando Santos Doesn't Understand Cristiano Ronaldo Criticism
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Despite being one of the finest players Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo once again is facing heavy criticism from his glittering career for club and country.

Read on to see why Fernando Santos doesn’t Understand Cristiano Ronaldo Criticism...

LatinoAthlete.com has the latest on professional futbol star Cristiano Ronaldo, and why he is not universally loved in Portugal.

Despite the padding rumors, Chistiano seems to always find the drama.

The Real Madrid superstar may widely be regarded as one of the finest footballers of all time he in not loved in Portugal. He may have also helped to take the art of goalscoring and trophy collecting to a new level next to Barcelona talisman Lionel Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo still faces criticism, and this past season proved to be no different.

Which is why Fernando Santos feels that the 32-year-old should he heralded as the superstar, particularly in his homeland.

Here is what Santos told reporters:

“I don’t understand why some Portuguese people value Cristiano Ronaldo so little. In the group stages [at Euro 2016] there were complaints he wasn’t scoring enough. Then when he started scoring, they complained when he did so any other way.”

Santos even tried to play down Ronaldo’s transformation from a goal to an out-and-out striker.

Fernando Santos felt there was too much attention placed on Ronaldo’s transformation he has made in his career. He insisted that Ronaldo is the only man to have netted 100 times in the Champions League boasting the same qualities in his game

Santos added:

“Cristiano Ronaldo has alwa”Ever since I’ve known him when he was 18 he’s been doing so.”

Ronaldo has found the target 35 times in 41 appearances for Madrid this season. So why so much hate on Cristiano Ronaldo. Fernando Santos just doesn’t understand any of it.