Ervin Santana Turns Things Around
Photo: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week ESPN writer David Schoenfield said that he felt that the Minnesota Twins should get rid of veteran right-handed pitcher Ervin Santana. Schoenfield recommended the Twins trade Santana to the Colorado Rockies!

Luckily Ervin Santana turned things around, so David Schoenfield can eat his words. Read on and see why…

Despite ESPN’s writer saying “[Ervin Santana] didn’t suddenly turn into the most unhittable pitcher,” has learned that Ervin is working hard to get back on track.

Here is what Twins manager Paul Molitor said of Santana in regards to Friday nights game against the Cleveland Indians which ended with the Twins winning 1-0.

Molitor explained:

“I think he got most of his swings and misses tonight on fastballs. The slider that we’ve seen him get chase pitches from the righties really wasn’t there. The changeup, I think he mixed that in a little bit better with left-handers, at least. I thought that his ability to get elevated fastballs by some guys kind of kept him going.”

Fellow Dominican baller, Miguel Sano gave Ervin Santana all the run support he would need Friday night with one swing of his mighty bat.

When asked about the game, Sano responded by saying this about the the MLB:

“In life nothing’s hard. It all depends what you have in your mind. If you’re thinking about your work and you’ve got confidence and you’re positive, you can do everything. I’m confident, positive and I try to do my job: right field, center field, left field.”

He added:

“If God gives me something good, I take it.”

Ervin (6-0, 1.50 ERA) posted this memorable moment when he turned it all around and helped the twins shut out the Cleveland Indians:

Congrats Santana, keep up the good work!