Jordan Powell Unexpectedly Knocked Out by Dominick Reyes

Light heavyweight fighter Jordan Powell got his news competing at LFA 13, when his cocky head shake was the last thing he did before getting knocked out by Dominick Reyes!

Jordan Powell tried to act like he was unaffected by Dominick Reyes with a head shake during the bout. Read on… has this report on light heavyweight fighter Jordan “Juggernaut” Powell (8-7) who will probably never pull a cocky stunt like this again.

The 205 pound Jordan Powell tried to tell his opponent that the last strikes didn’t hurt him, so Dominick Reyes (6-0) made sure the next one would take him out. just minutes after Powell’s head shake Dominick Reyes went in for the kill and ended the fight at LFA 13.

Reyes landed a left head kick that ended the fight Friday night in Burbank, Calif. It was embarrassing in a way since Powell tried to act unaffected. But when he got the left head kick Powell went down and face-planted. He hit the mat hard since he was knocked out before he went down.

Jordan Powell Unexpectedly Knocked Out by Dominick Reyes

See, The Juggernaut let his guard down for a second, so Reyes was there with the knockout blow 53 seconds into the first round. The sad part in all of this is that it ended the California native’s three-fight winning streak.

Take a look and watch Powell taunt Reyes and then get KO’d:

If that is not enough, here is one more angel:

Cockiness gets you nowhere with the MMA Gods. Powell got a Left kick of humble pie!