Chris Sale Could Be Suspended; Joe Torre Weighs In
MLB Staff photo: Christopher Evans

We previously reported Manny Machado went off in a tirade against Chris Sale for throwing behind him. The Red Sox, and Orioles were warned by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. Now, MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre Weighs in on the situation!

Enough is Enough! Read on about the breaking developments that might have Chris Sale suspended for nasty pitch at Manny Machado, MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre explains… has just received word that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred held a conference call on Wednesday.

The conference included the managers and general managers of both AL East rivals, as well as MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre, per Ken Rosenthal (FOX Sports).

Both teams were warned about the behavior on the field between Oriales and Red Sox players. Bottom line the players need to stop hurling baseballs at one another or else!

MLB chief baseball officer Joe Torre Breaks it down:

Joe Torre told Fox Sports:

“One issue is the fact they’ve played each other so often. Once something happens, then it just seems to grow and fester and all that. Basically, in trying to keep score on who owes or who (did) what, we figured there was enough going on with both sides that we basically just had a phone call to let them know we want to play baseball. We don’t want to get anybody hurt.”

He added:

“Players deserve to be on the field. We appreciate your passion but we certainly need to have the focus on playing games instead of trying to get even, if somebody thinks they need to get even.

Torre concluded:

“Sitting in an impartial seat, you look at it and realize enough is enough.”

Why Red Sox lefty Chris Sale may be Suspended:

The former Yankee hinted that if Red Sox lefty Chris Sale could be suspended. The judgement comes after he threw a fastball Tuesday night behind Manny Machado. Right after the game Machado went off in a EPIC Tirade agianst the Red Sox organization.

Torre made it clear:

“That’s something we don’t really tolerate, throwing behind somebody . . . That’s something that’s dangerous. It looked like it was intentional. Chris Sale is a great pitcher. When he throws the ball behind somebody, unless it’s a rainy day. I don’t see that being by mistake.”