Carlos Carrasco Makes Mini Jose Ramirez Ball

During Thursday’s game, Cleveland Indians Carlos Carrasco put his crafting skills hard at work creating another masterpiece. He made a mini version of Jose Ramirez out of a MLB ball.

The Venezuelan-born MLB player is a talented artist as well as MLB player. Carlos Carrasco was hard at work in the dugout making a Jose Ramirez Ball during the game. Read on…

Apparently there was a lot of down time during the Cleveland Indians so Carlos Carrasco crafted a Jose Ramirez ball.

If you are curious how to create a Jose Ramirez ball then follow these easy steps by Carlos Carrasco, who decided to make a miniature version of of his teammate.

First you need to need to learn how to make Ramirez hair right. Watch Carrasco below:

Next is making the uniform:

Carlos Carrasco Makes Mini Jose Ramirez Ball

The next step is making the face, here is Carlos finish product in in all its glory. Here is what he said when he posted this photo on Twitter:

“It was a good day for both Jose Ramirez and Mini Jose Ramirez!!! -Carrasco/Bauer/Kluber @Indians @MLB @mlb @MrLapara”

Did you know that this is the second time Carrasco has made a version of his teammate Ramirez?

Here is what he made in 2015:

Carlos Carrasco Makes Mini Jose Ramirez Ball