Canelo Believes Julio Cesar Chavez Jr Might Quit on May 6

Saul Canelo Alvarez isn’t painting a perfect picture about his opponent Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He believes that the fighter might quit like he did during the Andrzej Fonjara fight.

Read on and get the tea that Saul Canelo Alvarez is saying… has got the latest on Canelo vs Chavez Jr, but the 30-year-old Chavez Jr. could do something similar when the two of them face each other on May 6.

“As the great Bernard Hopkins said, once a quitter, always a quitter, so anything is possible.”

Will Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. punk out again like he did with Andrzej Fonjara in 2015?

Saul Canelo Alvarez (48-1-1, 34 KOs) believes to think so, so heweighs in on the upcoming fight ESPN:

“That’s not to say that Chavez Jr’s trainer Nacho Beristain won’t pull him out of the fight if he gets badly hurt, but I don’t think he’s going to quit. Chavez Jr. will keep fighting hard until the bitter end. He’s going to make it really tough on Canelo for the entire fight.”

Alverez also makes a point about Chavez Jr. loosing his motivation for boxing after losing to Sergio Martinez. He feels that Julio didn’t train hard for his fight with Sergio Martinez in 2012, and that is why he lost. Saul reiterates that it’s not like Chavez Jr. fought Andrzej Fonjara during his best years of his career.

Canelo Takes a dig at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.!

Of course, Canelo is talking a swipe at him about his father, boxing great Julio Cesar Chavez being more famous.

He states:

“I think a lot of his fans are more his father’s fans. Not a good role model for the young children or young fighters.”


What is interesting about Saul Canelo Alvarez point of view is that it sounds like he is questioning Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. love for boxing. Is he doing it because he loves it? Or is Chavez Jr. doing it because his father expects him to?

If his passion for boxing is not there, then he needs to be doing something else.

As for, Canelo, he is looking big right now, and maybe he should consider moving up to 168 to campaign as a super middleweight. Plus, The good thing about Canelo eventually moving up to super middleweight is the lack of names in the weight class. He can dominate there, since the 168lb division is empty of talent.