Cam Newton is typically outgoing and friendly towards his Panthers teammates, but that changed on Monday morning when the quarterback got into a fight with outspoken cornerback Josh Norman. After picking off a pass Norman seemingly rubbed it in a little too much, prompting Newton to snap.

During the video you can hear Newton say “Hit me like that again, you’ll know something.”

The fight was broken up, but there’s still plenty of ill will.

Norman has an established history of being one of the Panthers’ most promising young defensive backs, but a mouth that often speaks bigger than his play on the field. He notoriously got into a training camp spat with Steve Smith when the receiver was with the Panthers, and is always ready to jaw back and forth with his own team.

The photos are pretty wild. Note: CAM NEWTON IS ALWAYS SMILING.

And on Tuesday, Newton gave a knowing nod to the incident by wearing a “Rumble in the Jungle” shirt while talking to the media:

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