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Atlanta Braves were set to get Nick Burdi but the deal is on hold now leaving the Jamie Garcia deal falling apart.

Minnesota was set to get Jamie Garcia but Twins prospect Nick Burdi medical reports killed the deal. Read on… previously reported that Braves Jamie Garcia deal was a go. Now, it has all fallen apart, because the Twins’ prospect Nick Burdi medical reports played a big part. Burdi was supposedly heading to Atlanta until they saw his health status.

 Jamie Garcia Deal Details:

The deal was a basic one-for-one swap for Garcia, but back in May, the Twins’ top pitching prospects and double-A Chattanooga right-hander Nick Burdi, had Tommy John surgery. Nick had been suffering a full thickness tear in his ulnar collateral ligament.

Where are things now for Jamie Garcia deal?

The Braves are continuing to shop Garcia in hopes of trading him. It’s been said the team has been drawing strong interest. Garcia stats show him to be a strong performer, so things are hopeful.

Things started to heat up for Garcia on Wednesday, but now things have cooled for the moment. The MLB trade opportunities are closing in eight days, so we will see what happens.

It was crazy because The Minnesota Twins needed an upgrade in their starting rotation. First, the trade was all green, then it was stalled, and now, suddenly, it was dead.

Garcia services are still needed somewhere as there is still interest from other teams. We will keep you posted on where he lands.

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