Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Auston Matthews

The San Francisco bay area born Latino native has already scored 20 goals in his first 36 NHL games.

He is on pace to finish his first season with over 45 + goals, which will throw him in sixth place among the best rookies in NHL history. Read more on Auston Matthews making history for Latin Athletes…

This means that Auston Matthews, 19,  would be the second youngest to Wayne Gretzky. To date, Austin has recorded 133 shots on goal and 12 assists.

Though his teammate, James van Riemsdyk, who plays left wing for the Toronto Maple Leafs weighed in on Mathews remarkable rookie year.
Riemsdyk told USA TODAY Sports.

Riemsdyk said:

“It’s been pretty impressive to watch. Just the consistency he’s been able to play with. The skill is pretty tremendous, but you can tell he’s driven to be an elite player.”

Auston Matthews Explains his first season in the NHL:

After finishing the first half of the NHL season with eight goals and 12 points in 12 games, Mathews said:

“I think from October until now there’s been a lot of good in my game. I just want to continue to improve every day.”

Auston Matthews explains the strides he’s made as a defensive player. He admits:

“It was tough playing away from the puck the first two months.”

Meanwhile, Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock weighed in Mathews on ice skills playing in the NHL:

“He wants to be great and he’s getting very good without the puck. He’s got to get way better in the faceoff circle and he will get even better in that area.”

His coach, who once looked over him, making sure he wasn’t caught up in any mashups, now says:

“I don’t look after him anymore.”

Moreover, Auston Mathews is on the road to be one of the greatest Latino athletes in the NHL.