Alexis Sanchez Splits Lips Open During Match

Arsenal blanked Leicester City during their match on Wednesday, but the 1-0 victory was bittersweet since Alexis Sanchez ended up with a fat lip.

Read on about Alexis Sanchez split lip and how it happened… has received word that Alexis Sanchez took a throw-in from Christian Fuch’s right to the shoulder-face from point-blank range.


Alexis Sanchez looked to be in intense pain after being clobbered.

He took to Twitter to show fans his injury. By the looks of his face, you can see that his face must have been throbbing in pain. His lip was swollen.

The 28-year-old Chilean soccer player wrote on Twitter:

“Feliz por la victoria pero termine con el labio hinchado 😂😢happy for the victory but ended up with a swollen lip 😂😂👍🏼⚽️”

Alexis Sanchez Splits Lips Open During Match

If you happened to have missed the game, no worries we got you. Here is a replay of what went down when the English club Arsenal player, Alexis took a ball to his face.

Watch the painful moment happen:

It looks worse that it is. Alexis Sanchez, is a tough street footballer who grew up in a hard mining town in Chile. Alexis used to wash cars, performed somersaults and boxed in the street of Chile to earn some coins.

Although, Sanchez is a tough guy, the Arsenal player was a bit shell shocked at first since it took a minute for the pain of the ball smashing into his face to hurt. He was dazed for a few seconds and then he fell over, clutching his face.