Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial: Witnesses Testimonies Detail Bloody Last Moments

The Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial intensifies with witness Testimonials, shockers and wrenches thrown in the mix. What will happen next!!!

The Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial is becoming the OJ moment of “does the glove fit or not?” Read more…

LatinoAthlete.com has details from the Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial with one of today’s witnesses Aquilino Freire and Raychides Gomes-Sanches. Freire explained under oath to the court stating that he and his crew were “just drinking, having fun” inside Cure Lounge before leaving after 2 a.m. They left the club at 2:26 a.m. with de Abreu driving and Furtado in the front passenger seat.

When the reached the spot of the drive by, Freire recalled to the jury he heard a man’s voice yell:

“What up (expletive),” before gunshots rang out!

Freire was testied against the former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez, charged with killing de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. He described the moments before his friends died as they sat in a BMW in Boston’s South End in the early morning hours of July 16, 2012.

Daniel de Abreu friend, Aquilino Freire, who survived the brutal drive by tried to console his friend moments after he struggled to breathe from a gun shot in the chest.

Aquilino Freire said under oath Wednesday morning in Suffolk Superior Court:

“He was trying to talk. He was dying. I was trying to tell him, ‘Just keep strong. We’re going to try to look for help. Don’t panic.’”

He talked to de Abreu for about two minutes before he stopped breathing. Daniel de Abreu’s other friend Raychides Gomes-Sanches took the stand and said under oath:

He was shot, I told him:

“I’m here man. Don’t die, man,” but de Abreu “died in my hands.”

Freire and Snaches were two of the three occupants of the BMW who were wounded, and luckily survived the attack.

Meanwhile, Boston Herald writer Laurel J. Sweet breaks down Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial testimonies in court March 8, 2017:

  • Sanches says his old friend Furtado was tired from work but, “He decided to go out because he hadn’t seen me in awhile.”
  • “He said, ‘You’re here? Eh, let’s go have fun.’ ” Sanches had never been to Cure Lounge before.”
  • “On club surveillance, appears #AaronHernandez and Alexander Bradley are waived in by staff as the friends wait in line to pay cover charge.”
  • As friends lingered on Tremont at closing, Sanches was anxious. “I wanted to go. I don’t like to hang out on the street.”
  • “He doesn’t notice silver SUV drive past as he and Lopes wait to be picked up by the BMW, nor two figures hovering nearby.”
  • “In the car, “Everybody was cool. We were talking, listening to the music.” He sat behind Furtado. As the car’s interior exploded in gunfire, Sanches says he was sprayed with Furtado’s blood “on my face, my clothes …”
  • “Unable to help Furtado, he ran to Abreu. “I said, Danny, I’m here, man, don’t die, don’t die. He died in my hands.”
  • “Panic-stricken and bathed in his friend’s blood, Sanches walked away, hailing a cab that later abandoned him in Dorchester.”
  • “I had blood all over me. He said, ‘Man, if you need money I can give it to you.’ I didn’t tell him the story.”
  • “Sanches would later burn everything he had on but his shoes. “It made me remember everything,” he explained.
  • “Sanches looks stricken as he waits out a prolonged sidebar, eyes downcast as he wipes at his nose and eyes.”
  • #AaronHernandez turns to look at faces of packed courtroom as they walk by him. He lowers his eyes and turns away.”
  • “Aiello says Abreu rescued her and her pal from two “rather assertive” flirts, then danced with the girls.
  • “#AaronHernandez once she was inside Cure. She and Abreu “talked for a few minutes then said goodbye.”