Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial Hinges on Revenge, Will it Stick?

While the prosecution is painting a picture of the former New England Patriots tight end as a ruthless killer off the field, the defense is saying otherwise.

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LatinoAthlete.com has the latest developments on the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial, which hinges on the theory that Hernandez retaliated after Daniel de Abreu spilled a drink on him.

Aaron Hernandez double murder trail takes a turn in favor of the former tight end:

It was said that Abreu “tried” him. The result was the murder of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

Here is where the prosecution’s theory was torn apart during Monday’s court hearings.

The defense witness, Antone Salvador, took the stand and within minutes he annihilated the prosecution’s entire motive.  Salvador, a psychology doctoral student, testified saying that he was with Hernandez for 7-10 minutes and that at no point did he see someone spill a drink or Hernandez. He also said that Aaron did not appear angry.

Salvador testified:

“Not at all,” and when he asked Hernandez for a photo he “politely declined.” He relented when Salvador told him it was his birthday.

If this is true about the Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial, then Salvador’s testimony puts the two together nearly the entire time. See, time here is important, since the surveillance video shows that Hernandez was inside the club for only nine minutes.

Antone Salvador stated that he spoke with him for 7 to 10 minutes. We doubt it was 10 since Hernandez was in there for 9. The big question would be, “did he see Hernandez leave the club?” Did he say goodbye to the former tight end?

No, that didn’t happen. Instead the question jumps to Salvador saying that he ran into Hernandez again outside the club to thank him for the photo.

Hernandez said:

“No problem. Have a good night.”

Thursday will conclude witness testimony. After that, it’s reasonable to ask if the prosecution has overcome its burden of proving Hernandez guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The are 10 reasons why the prosecutions theory may not stick against the Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial:

  1. There is no forensic evidence linking Hernandez to the shooting
  2. One witness told police the shooter “looks like a female” with cornrows.
  3. Alexander Bradley is the only witness to finger Hernandez as the shooter.
  4. The defense revealed Bradley deleted a text message stating he didn’t know who shot him after he fingered Hernandez did it to shut him up.
  5. It was also said that Bradley pulled the trigger, killing Abreu and Furtado over a drug deal gone wrong.
  6. In addition, the prosecution hasn’t presented anything that unquestionably puts the gun in Hernandez’s hand.
  7. Next, Antone Salvador testimony has thrown a wrench in the prosecution’s theory.
  8. The question in hand is, who will the jury believe. The doctoral student or the drug dealer?
  9. No matter what, Hernandez is going back to jail for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd for life.
  10. It is all up to the jury as of Thursday, unless the prosecution can present a new angle.

Despite the 10 reasons why the may not be able to convict, lets not forget Aquilino Freire and Raychides Gomes-Sanches details a bloody testimony. Plus, there are the Mike Pouncey phone calls. 

What do you think about the Aaron Hernandez Double Murder Trial?